The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

the fault in our stars

artwork by pandanemar on tumblr

Welcome to TheFangirlSpace! The first book discussion on this site will be on The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

Yeah, I know some of you are rolling your eyes. This book came out three years ago. But after all this time, it’s still #1 on the NYT Bestsellers List.

So. What did you all think of the book?

How do you feel it portrayed terminal sickness?

How do you relate YA fiction and realism? Is it a cheap shot to put characters in weird circumstances to further the story (aka visiting recluse author halfway across the world)?

Did you love it? Why? Did you hate it? If so, you’re in the minority, and we’d love to know why.

(Feel free to just talk about how much you loved the book, if you want. As with all posts on this site, I’ll be replying to anyone who wants to discuss!)