New Ideas For TheFanGirlSpace

Yes, I’m aware probably no one is paying attention to the updates of a week-old site, but Einstein failed English. (I think the argument is supposed to go something like that).

Anyway, so far this site’s purpose has been pretty simple- talk about books. But I thought it would be interesting to add features like book recommendations based on what you already read, playlists for books (some authors put these online on their own, and I think it makes the reading experience more complete? Tell me if I’m wrong), and something like a monthly artwork feature. Okay, the last one would require readers to actually care enough about TheFanGirlSpace to submit their own book-related artwork, but Einstein…nevermind. Hopefully it’ll happen eventually.

Any opinions? If no one comments I’m just going to do all of the above and cross my fingers it goes well.