The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

the statistical probability

artwork by franchescamae on tumblr

I hesitated to make a post for this book because it’s so ‘girly’, which is stupid, because I’m pretty sure, and correct me if I’m wrong- boys have feelings too. 

Related, I love how this book dealt with some serious stuff, but it still felt…I don’t know, cutesy? Or maybe that was just the cover art.

So, what did you think? My one main, huge criticism is how [bleep] cliche the plot is. Oh, pretty, rich, white girl meets sexy British guy who goes to Yale. My eyes have rolled up to heaven and stayed there. Seriously, when am I going to get a love story between not-beautiful, not-extremely-intelligent people? (Oh wait.)

I haven’t read anything else by Jennifer E Smith, but I read the descriptions of some of her other books, and man, does this lady believe in love at first sight. What do you think of that? If you think the idea is plain untrue, then do you think it’s a harmful to spread it through books?

(Feel free to just talk about anything else, including how much you loved the book. As with all posts on this site, I’ll be replying to anyone who wants to discuss!)