An Abundance of Katherines by John Green


artwork by bookishlettering on tumblr

And we continue to trudge on through all of John Green’s books.

(That was a joke. Sort of.)

(It’s not my fault he’s so popular. Or, it’s not my fault in our stars– okay, I’ll stop.)

An Abundance of Katherines is definitely my favorite John Green novel. The lack of upsetting things and/or death was a fantastic breath of fresh air. But I know not everyone feels the same way- even if you didn’t know this was his lowest selling book, a lot of readers online seem to be dismayed that there was no clear Big, Important Message, or the fact it was definitely an attempt to be a comedic novel.

What did you think?

Did you think the references and/or anagrams on every page were annoying?

Did you appreciate the attempts at humor?

What did you think of the characters? Did you like Hassan? Did you like Colin?

(Feel free to just talk about anything else, including how much you loved the book. As with all posts on this site, I’ll be replying to anyone who wants to talk!)