What is ‘The Fangirl Space’?

If you’re like me, you like reading, but your friends don’t. AKA, there’s no one to share the excitement of that plot rwist, or that crazy ending, or that hope for a sequel. So I made this site so us YA fans can discuss the books we love.

So we just write our thoughts/feelings/essays about the book in the comments section of the book’s specified post?


No matter how old the post is?

Yup! Hopefully others will join in on the discussion, but I promise to reply to every comment so we can get talking.

What’s the point of this website?

To have discussion with other book enthusiasts. Who knows, maybe if you get really into conversation with someone else, you’ll swap e-mails. And then go to see the movie-version together. And become best friends. And then get married and live happily ever after (honestly, this is more of a dating website than anything else).

What if I just want to squeal about how much I loved a book?

Go ahead, but it’d be appreciated if you contributed as well : D

Do you like all the books you make posts about?

Yes. Also, I only make posts on the books I have actually read (otherwise I wouldn’t be able to talk about them with you guys).

The FanGirl Space? So this is girl-only website?

Of course not! Everyone is welcome here.

I love a book, but there’s no post on this site for it. How do I recommend it to you?

If you want to recommend a book to me, or contact me for any other reason, go to the ‘contact’ page or message me on tumblr at http://thefangirlspace.tumblr.com/.